Post Intracept Procedure Instructions

If you have any questions regarding your procedure during regular office hours, please call: (302) 894-1900 (Option 2).

If you have an emergent need to speak with the physician who performed your procedure, please refer to the number on your discharge instructions from Spine Care Delaware.

Evening of Your Procedure

  • You may resume your normal diet immediately after your procedure
  • You may start your first dose of pain medication/muscle relaxer 2-3 hours after your procedure as needed for pain or spasm
  • You should resume your normal medication as indicated on the medication reconciliation form that you were sent home with from SpineCare Delaware
  • A covered ice pack can be used for 15 minutes at a time, a few times per day, for pain control.

Follow-up Instructions

  • The first few days after your procedure, you may have increased discomfort. Continue taking the pain medication throughout the day as needed, and reduce as needed for the following days.
  • You may remove your bandages the day after your procedure and may resume showering but keep the steri-strips attached to the small incisions for 7 days or until they fall off.
  • If you should develop increased incisional redness or drainage, please call (302) 894-1900 (Option 3), or your referring provider’s office number.
  • You may resume light activity the day after your procedure as tolerated. Avoid lifting or vigorous exercise until your post-procedure follow-up in 2 weeks. Walking is a great activity as tolerated.
  • Physical therapy is not always recommended after your procedure and will be determined at your follow-up appointment. Typically, at two weeks post-procedure you will be able to progress to full exercise as tolerated.
  • You should have a follow-up visit scheduled 10-14 days after your procedure with your referring provider.
  • If you need to schedule a follow-up appointment at First State Spine, please call: (302) 894-1900 (Option 2).



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